Case Studies

Parcel tracking and Parcel delivery system


We have developed the Parcel tracking and Parcel delivery system for our clients from Eastern Europe. They provide an option to track shipment's location in different stages of its transit is an advantage offered by courier companies compared to national carriers, especially if it is valuable or highly urgent.


Almost everybody has encountered delivery problems with non-professional couriers, which became a real headache to you. This project seeks to ensure that every user gets the best service. Therefore, by choosing our client's project, you choose proven and reliable express couriers with extra parcel insurance, parcel tracking, exclusively low incidence of damaged and lost parcels, and highly competent and helpful customer care specialists.


Proven quality
Since customer experience depends directly on delivery quality, you should be very careful while choosing your partner to represent your business. Our project has joined together only internationally recognized carriers. Your customers are undoubtedly more intelligent than you think, and they definitely will feel the difference. Fast and quality delivery leads to a happy customer and, in turn, to your successful business.

Our clients are prominent, and therefore, they can offer the rates, which are more attractive than provided by other providers of the international and local delivery market, which very often are not affordable to corporate clients and individuals. What we are aiming for together is to relieve you from big problems and save costs; therefore, we are delighted to offer you discounts available for us.

By choosing this product, you can avoid waiting long queues to dispatch your parcel or look for the best quote or even physical delivery of a package to a particular collection station. You can get everything from a single provider. The ordering procedure takes a few minutes, and the only thing you have to do is choose and wait for a courier to arrive! You can also save time by using a convenient function of order copying. Instead, spend more time on the issues vital for you or your business.

More convenient
Our goal is to develop an easy and convenient system for our customers. This product provides you with a set of helpful tools such as a price and volume calculator, parcel tracking, live help, or a possibility to copy former orders. Moreover, you can pay for our services through e-banking, Paypal, Paysera, or credit after topping up your account.

Full automation
Forget simple registration of parcels, as you can do it automatically through the API system. You will be immediately issued delivery documents, and your customer for you will do every parcel registration! Depending on the number of parcels, you can save many hours of your work per week or even up to several days per year! Just try to imagine what you could spend your saved time on! The project has free integration for everybody.